Harwell Amateur Radio Society (HARS) is a local club of amateur radio enthusiasts. Members come mainly from south Oxfordshire but the society has become well-known in the UK and throughout the world. It is affiliated to the Radio Society of Great Britain. Please have a look around our website for information about us, events we organise (including our annual rally), amateur radio information and our monthly QAV newsletter.


We meet at 19:45 on the second Thursday of every month at Chilton Village Hall. Please see our events page and look at the club calendar for details of all club events.

What's new?

 Monday 25th November 2019:

Coffee Shop Meeting - Friday 13th December 2019

There will be an unscheduled Coffee Shop meeing at Millets Farm on Friday 13th December as this will be the only opertunity for members to meet in December.  The meeting time will be 10:00 NOT the usual time.  If you can, please come along for some chat.  Amateur radio subjects are optional!  For further details contact Angus G0UGO at membership@g3pia.net

Tuesday 5th November 2019:

HARS AGM - Thursday 9th January 2020

The HARS AGM will be held on Thursday 9th January 2020 20:00 at Chilton Village Hall, Chilton, Didcot.  The AGM will be followed by preparations for the Harwell Radio & Electronics Rally.  All HARS members are encouraged to come along.  For further details contact Ann G8NVI at secretary@g3pia.net

Tuesday 29th October 2019:

Harwell Radio & Electronics Rally - Sunday 9th February 2020

Bookings from traders and special interest groups are now being accepted for the Harwell Radio & Electronics Rally to be held at Didcot Leisure Center, Mereland Road, Didcot on Sunday 9th February 2020.  For further details see our rally pages or contact the Rally Organiser.

Monday 21st October 2019:

*HARS AGM - Thursday 12th December 2019*


Due to Chilton Village Hall being used as a general election polling station the HARS committee have taken the decision to cancel our planned December meeting and postpone our AGM to January 2020

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