Le Tatty Piece de Papier Award 2017

A message from Ann and Mike:

Ann, G8NVI


Le Tatty Piece de Papier Award has been running for 12 years now and is open to members of the Harwell ARS and anyone else who knows us! It is a bit of fun designed to generate activity on the amateur bands. We look forward to welcoming regulars but if you are new to it, please come and join in!

This year we will be operating from 'Le Vaucornet', our French home near Moncy in Normandy (IN98) and we will be QRV over two weeks on both the HF and VHF bands. As usual there will be certificates for all entrants and a small French delicacy for all HARS' entrants.


Please let us know by email if you are callign and we don't reply. We can try and listen a little harder.

HF Operation - starting at 21:00 BST using the callsign F4VRB

Each contact will be worth 1 point:

Date Band
Monday 31st July 40m (7.150-7.160MHz)


Wednesday 2nd August 80m (3.700-3.710MHz)


Thursday 3rd August 40m (7.150-7.160MHz)


Friday 4th August

80m (3.700-3.710MHz)


Monday 7th August

40m (7.150-7.160MHz)


Wednesday 9th August

80m (3.700-3.710MHz)


Friday 11th August

40m (7.150-7.160MHz)


VHF/UHF Operation - all 20:00 to 22:30 BST using callsign F4VRB

Each contact will be worth 5 points:

Date Band
Tuesday 1st August 2m UKAC


Tuesday 8th August 70cm UKAC


Thursday 10th August 6m UKAC


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