There's always something exciting going on at Harwell Amateur Radio Society. We meet at Chilton Village hall on the second Thursday of every month. As well as presentations and demonstrations at our monthly meetings we organise;

  • An annual Radio & Electronics Rally
  • the RAL Microwave Roundtable
  • DF Hunts
  • Contesting weekends
  • Construction Contests
  • Club dinners and social events
  • Special Event Stations
  • Amateur Radio Training and Examinations
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Harwell ARS Public Calendar

Here's a link to the HARS Calendar, and the public URL as shown by the link above is here.

A link ot the calendar in iCal format (to add to your device) is here.

HARS members are very active in both VHF/UHF and HF Contests which are designed for individuals and clubs to compete against each other under various rules


For details of RSGB VHF/UHF contests click here

For details of RSGB HF contests click here

For details of other contests click here


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